Using Firefox browser paste the following into the address bar.

    You will probably get a few 'popups' to accept.
    (I think in accepting you are giving the site permission to place a folder on your C: drive called 'aeat')

    A form will appear on the screen it will not look like the old Modelo 210 but the questions are basically the same.

    The form layout alters as you start filling it in
    e.g. 'Location of property' section does not appear until 'Income type' (box 02) has been filled e.g 02
    (I wasted a lot of time at this stage thinking that I could not download the
     form properly– as there was no section 'Location of property' displayed.)

    The form is then filled in. ( Click on 'EXAMPLE'  for more information)

    If you need to find some further information to enable completion of the form -
    You can click on the 'save file' ( right hand button on the top of the form)
    (This sends a file to your 'aeat' folder, on your C: drive, containing all the information you had entered on the form.
    The file will be called the same as the NIE number of the person on the form.)

    You can then leave the site, find the relevant information and re-acces the site later.
    When re-accessing later
    Click on 'Import file data' (left hand button on top of the form)
    Direct it to your 'aeat' folder and click on the file named the same as NIE of the     person concerned.
    The form on the screen will fill up with the previously entered details.

    When you are satisfied that the form is filed up correctly
    You can click the button on the bottom of the form 'Validate and generate pdf'

If a warning appears (in Spaish) – then it has detected that the form has not been filled in properly.
    The warning (even in Spanish) gives you a clue where the mistake is.
    (I could not get past this stage for a while – It kept on warning something about the 'name'
    – I eventually discovered that I had too many spaces between the surname and the first name.)
    This will send a fresh copy to your file in the 'aeat' folder and also download a new web page displaying the Modelo 210 pdf
    (This will look similar to the old type Modelo 210)
    When I used Internet Explorer
             – the downloading of this pdf file always failed, the downloading bar always stayed at 0% downloaded
                but when I used Firefox browser it flew down.)
      There should be 2 pages of text (instructions) and 3 pages of the form itself.

    To save your pdf file – move your cursor towards the bottom of the screen and  various icons appear.
                                        - Click on the one that represents your pdf reader.

    Your Modelo 210 should now appear in your pdf reader program.
    Goto 'file' and click on 'save'

    You should save this file named  'zi21zilk0021'  in a new folder on its own.
    (You cannot save another Modelo 210 for another person in the same folder    
    because they are all named the same – the last one saved will overwite the previous one.)

You can now print your Modelo 210 from your pdf reader program.
(I copied the Modelo 210 pdf onto a memory stick and took it to an internet cafe,
I had the last 3 pages printed in color (didn't bother about the  instructions)
took them to the bank -paid the bill -had no trouble.
To print out Modelo 210 in Spanish
    I have heard that some banks insist on the forms being in Spanish.
    (I actually printed mine in Spanish)
    Method - after filling up the form in English and saving it to your 'aeat' folder leave the website.

    Then paste the following into your 'Firefox' address bar.
    This will bring up a similar form as before but in Spanish.
    Click the 'Import file' button on the top of the form - direct it to your 'aeat'
    folder and click on the file named the NIE of the person concerned.
    The Spanish form will fill up with all the correct details in the correct boxes

    Then click 'generate' at bottom of the form'
    A Spanish Modelo 210 will be displayed  - This can be saved and printed as     previously described.

Another advantage of this new system:
    When doing your next tax form you only have to access one of these sites
    Click on import files from your 'aeat' folder
    Your form will be filled in instantly
    You will only have to edit the things that have changed
               e.g. - the period you are paying for
                     - Catastral Value  (maybe)
                     - tax rate
    I have read that none of the information entered online goes to the tax office.
    All the information required is in the barcodes on the Modelo 210
    When you go to the bank to pay – all the information required is passed on
    I just presented my 3 pages and paid it through my account (no envelope required).
   The bank keep one page (the one with a large 'F' printed on it ) and give two back
   (make sure they are stamped paid because that is your proof of payment.)
   - Lots of information can be found on - -
2012 - Modelo 210
This web page has been written purely to try and help others to access/fill in the online Modelo 210.

I do not claim to be an expert in this field.

The information on this website is based on information gained from others on the internet and my own experience.
To the best of my knowledge the information is correct, but if there is any incorrect information here   - I bare no responsibility.

I would love any feedback, e.g. correction /  found the site useful – etc.
  Form to be filled in as dispalyed on the site
  Pages 3,4,and 5
of downloaded pdf
Since Jan 2012  Modello 210 is only available online.
    After spending much time searching / collecting information and trying various    
methods – I have eventually managed to pay my tax.
    Now I know how it works – I think it is a much better system than the old one.
No more having to go out of your way  to purchase a hard copy of the Modelo 210 and you can fill it up in English.

    I thought that if I described a method that worked for me it might save others a lot of time.
Computer Requirement
    You will require  a ,pdf  reader installed on your computer.
    Use 'Firefox' browser.
        (I tried both Internt Explorer 7 and 8 but they would not download the finished Modelo 210 pdf.)
Please send feedback. Did you find this site useful /or to correct any of the information /  etc.